What Is a Good Diet?

What is a good diet? A good diet supports health, ie satisfies daily energy and essential nutrient requirements. 'Diet' in this context refers to the food habitually eaten by an individual. A diet good for one person may not be so for another. Energy and nutrient requirements can vary significantly from one individual to another, depending on activity levels, metabolic rate, growth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and illness. Good eating habits are thus particular to each individual, and can change according to existing conditions.

It is advisable to have a chat with a general practitioner, when unsure about the current state of health, so that correct measures can be taken.

A balanced diet is composed of appropriate amounts of food from all food groups. These include grains; fruits and vegetables; meat, chicken, fish, and pulses; dairy; as well as sugar and fats. It is a good idea to get familiar with what constitutes a portion. If weight loss is desired good eating habits make success more likely.

People are getting larger in size all over the world. Unhealthy eating habits are a contributor to many common diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Lack of exercise can further affect health. Inflexibility may develop, lean muscle mass be lost, brittle bones become evident due to lack of weight bearing exercise, and stamina weaken.

Changes to eating habits are often first considered when diagnosis indicates this to be a necessity. Maintaining a fit and healthy physique increases lifespan. This is a valid reason to start developing good eating habits, if this is already not the case.

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Following a healthy diet also boosts energy, keeps memory in better working order, and stabilizes mood.

Eating small meals frequently throughout the day cuts down on hunger pangs and the need to overeat at one sitting. Three small meals enjoyed at regular intervals throughout the day, ie breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as having two to three snacks in between them would constitute a satisfactory eating plan. Eating regularly maintains an active metabolism. Eating less frequently is not better, and encourages weight gain.

Making healthy food choices that are enjoyed are more likely to be formed into a permanent habit. Habits cannot be changed overnight, and take perseverance and time to develop. This is a gradual process. Starting with one to two changes and adding to them at regular intervals can result in notable improvements before long.

It is advantageous to learn to listen to the body. Does eating continue when hunger is no longer present? Reducing the serving size by using appropriate portion sizes will in time make one feel satisfied quicker. Consuming as much food as previously will soon become not only difficult, but also uncomfortable. Food should be chewed properly, eaten slowly, and enjoyed in, preferably, a peaceful environment.

Good eating habits are beneficial in numerous ways. Old habits cannot be changed overnight. The effort it takes is a small payment in return for improved health, the resulting great feeling, and the energy radiating from a healthy individual.

Source by Camelia Keinonen

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