What Can Be Done For A Sinus Infection?

Many moons ago back in the eighties, shortly after I had qualified as an Osteopath and Naturopath I worked at a health hydro. Inevitably, having to treat anything up to 20-30 in-patients on a daily basis meant that at some point, one would catch a bug of some description. In my case, it went from being a cold to an acute sinus infection.

I remember my father suffered from chronic sinusitis with quite often incapacitating headaches. It seemed that in spite of all over the counter medicines, the balsam inhalations and a variety of nasal sprays he applied, he was never entirely rid of the underlying background infection. In truth, the only time he ever seemed relatively free of the problem was when we went for a holiday by the sea. He found that the salt water helped to wash out his sinuses.

I should mention that prior to catching this infection that from time to time, I often felt the need to clear my tubes which necessitated hawking up a load of nasty phlegm. I could have won a gobbing contest with what I spat out sometimes.

Within a matter of days, I became so bunged up that I was continuously having to mouth breath all the time. To add to my misery I felt as though my head was about to explode such was the tension caused by the sinuses being so blocked and inflamed. A good night's sleep was out of the question as one succumbed invariably to being woken up by a post nasal drip. Ultimately, due to the ineffective material seeping down the back of one's throat, this could lead to a chest infection.

So at this point I was prepared to entertain anything that would rid me of this horrible debilitating affliction.

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I had read in a traditional Chinese herbal text, that they use suàn which translates as garlic, for a multitude of problems. This potent foodstuff has been used since biblical times. The Chinese have used it successfully to rid people of tuberculosis. The treatment required those with TB to consume 3 entire heads of garlic everyday for three months. If it is capable of doing this, why not an acute sinus infection?

The only problem is, how on earth do you eat that much garlic? A single head of it can have anything between 10-20 bulbs. Even a small raw sliver of it can bring tears to the eyes. Some people manage by taking the capsules, but I wanted the freshly grown organic gear, because it is so much more biologically active, possessing compounds which gives it's almost antibiotic like qualities.

I found that the best way to manage three heads on a daily basis was to first crush it all by putting it through a garlic press and placing all of it in a small non-stick pan. I then poured about a pint of boiling water onto the mashed up garlic to blanche. By doing this it reduces the aggressive burning sensation to the mouth and throat, but at the same time it keeps its bio-activity. Fundamentally, you do not want to over cook or overheat it too much otherwise the potency of what you are after will be diminished. What you can do is to put the pan on as low a heat as is possible to make the garlic sweat. To make it more palatable, I like to add some chicken or vegetable stock for taste. After 15-20 minutes of gentle simmering, it is ready to be consumed and make sure you eat all the little bits of garlic.

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Not everybody can stand the smell of garlic let alone eat it. Some people on certain medications such as blood thinners need to consult their doctors before trying an approach such as I have described.

To make this work it is very important to eliminate any form of dairy foods while you are doing this and stick to lots of fruit and vegetables. If you want to get the most out of this, it is worth sticking to just the garlic broth and drinking water when thirsty. In effect, by doing this you are fasting and provoking the body into detoxifying itself.

I am not suggesting that this is the easiest thing to do but it depends on how desperate you are. In my case, I was prepared to call in Dyno-rod to clear my hopelessly blocked tubes!

So how long do you keep to this rather radical regime? I kept at it until I got a result which I have to say was quite extraordinary. It took nine days, that's 27 heads of garlic, which amounted to the equivalent of nearly 2 1/4 pounds in weight. Considering the Chinese took it everyday for 3 months for TB problems made me feel that I had got off lightly.

On the morning of the ninth day (which happened to be a Saturday), I was dozing in bed, when quite suddenly I had this sensation of a great deal of phlegm coming down the back of my throat. Rather than swallow all this ineffective muck, I rushed to the bathroom and spat it out. I do not wish to go too much into the gross details of what was in the sink but needless to say, it was a thick nasty glutinous mass of rubbish.

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I was very pleased and went back to bed. About 10 minutes late, I felt a sort of popping sensation behind my eyes with a resultant sense of something large slithering down the back of my throat. It reminded me of Ridley Scott's film "Alien". I rushed back to bathroom and spat out what was a thick green rubbery mass, almost like a plug. From the moment it had been expelled, I felt as if I had been reborn. There was no more foul green discharge, and to this day I have never had another sinus problem.

To prevent any more attacks I eat garlic on a regular basis and avoid gunge provoking products. In particular, cheese and chocolate can cause a lot of phlegm, which is a shame as I am rather partial to both.

If I sense that there is a modicum of trouble I immediately up the amount of garlic and I do a salt water douche to rinse out the sinuses as a cleanser and preventive.

Prevention is a tad easier than the cure.

Source by Keith Bender

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