Want Better Erections? The 3 Secrets for Optimal Erections Every Man Ought to Learn

Who else wants to increase the length, strength and staying power of your erection? Are you sick and tired of finishing too fast? Do you worry that you aren’t long enough, or strong enough to satisfy your partner in the sack? The good news is… you are NOT alone! Millions of men worry about the length and strength of our erection size, and no matter how “challenged” you may feel in either area, the good news is, you CAN transform your size and sexual stamina with some very simple sexual strategies.

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Why? First, sex on an empty stomach feels better! Some men who practice intermittent fasting for body sculpting purposes report that their erection size, and orgasms are much more intense.

There are a lot of different biological processes at play, but the key thing to understand is this: Digestion is a very labor intensive job for your body. It requires a lot of blood flow to and through the digestive organs. When your digestive system is at rest, this very same blood is available for optimal sexual function. Remember, you only have a certain amount of blood flow in your body at any given time, and digestion is one of the most labor intensive exercises there is. Free that blood up to satiate other areas of your anatomy… and you’ll find it’s available to intensify both your erection and your orgasm to boot!

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Ever hear of cortisol? If you have trouble keeping a rock hard erection, you probably need to know more about it! As a matter of fact, cortisol is one of the most important “happiness” hormones that every man needs to keep under wraps. Cortisol is released in your body and blood stream when you are stressed… and can not only lead to diminished performance in bed and softer erections, it can also dramatically affect your DESIRE to have sex in the first place. A key rule of thumb is that increasing testosterone will LOWER your cortisol levels, while increasing your self confidence, your libido and will dramatically affect your ability to maintain rock hard erections as well. A simple trick for increasing testosterone while lowering cortisol for optimal sexual performance? Stand STRAIGHT and smile! Smiling can lower your cortisol level, even if you have to force it, and feel you’ve got nothing to be happy about! And standing straight, and adopting a “power pose” is a great way of tricking your body and your BRAIN into feeling more powerful that can translate into a performance boost between the sheets to boot. (certain meditation techniques can do the very same thing)

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Natural male enhancement exercises like PC elevation, Kegel techniques, jelling grips and other torque, traction and stretching strategies can not only increase the amount of blood flow to and through the penile chamber, they can also “toughen” the tissue in the penis as well. This leads to both more blood flow, which will harden and lengthen your erection while simultaneously thickening the underlying spongy tissue as well.

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A quick extra bonus tip?

Avoid the obvious erection “killers” as well. Too much alcohol, too much fatty food and in general, anything that adversely affects your cardiovascular health is also terrible for your male anatomy and erection size specifically. Remember, an erection is largely a function of blood flow, and the better shape your body is in from a heart health perspective, the better length and strength your erection will be to boot!

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