Vivix Shaklee's Anti-Aging Fountain of Youth

Have you heard about resveratrol? There's been a lot of talk about resveratrol lately. Resveratrol is a polyphenol, which is being studied for its health and anti-aging qualities. New exciting studies and discoveries conducted with resveratrol have shown that this special polyphenol may help reverse the aging process, allowing resveratrol users to look and feel 25 years younger.

Shaklee is a health and nutrition company, which is 52 years old. It was founded by Forest C. Shaklee. Dr. Forest C. Shaklee founded the company based on living in harmony with nature that is committed to developing product's to improve the health of people and the planet.

In August 2008 Shaklee released it's new product called Vivix. Vivix is ​​Shaklee's revolutionary cellular anti-aging tonic. Vivix contains a unique polyphenol blend that has been shown in lab studies to fight cellular aging. One polyphenol in particular, reveratrol, has been cited in over 2,000 research studies. These studies have been conducted by such renowned facilities as Harvard University, The National Cancer Institute, The National Institute of Aging and the National Institute of Environmental and Health Services.

The resvertrol found in Shaklee's Vivix contained in a 30-day supply is equal to 3,000 glasses of wine. This would be like drinking 100 glasses of wine a day. Vivix has been shown to be ten times more powerful in slowing the aging process than resveratrol.

Vivix is ​​the most complex product ever produced by Shaklee. Shaklee has multiple patents pending, assuring you that each bottle of Shaklee Vivix is ​​more effective than any other anti-aging formula on the market.

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The anti-aging properties in Vivix ingredients support:

-Heart Health
-Brain Health
-Cardiovascular Function
-Joint Health
-Cellular Longevity
-Increased Cellular Energy
-Overall Good Health And Well Being

Creating Vivix began with finding a grape that was pure and natural. Shaklee discovered a grape known as Vitis rotundifolia, the only grape in nature with an extra chromosome. Scientist believe that this super grape greatly enhances the polyphenol profile. Shaklee scientist have developed an exclusive extraction process which allowed for maximum biological activity. This resulted in a extract of the super grape which is high in ellagic acid-a phytonutrient not found in ordinary grapes. This phytonutrient is responsible for supplying potent polyphenols which affect cellular longevity.

Chronological aging is inevitable, day by day we grow older. In 365 days we are a year older. Biological aging is different. This aging process begins as soon as we stop growing in our late teens. Cell reproduction begins to slow and becomes less efficient, which starts the aging process. Once thought to be inevitable, like chronological aging, recent studies have shown that this process can be slowed by increasing the efficacy of cell repair and replication.

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells. These cells instruct the body on how to carry out virtually every miraculous function it performs. As we age, cells die and become damaged, thus increasing susceptibility to illness and disease. The process of cellular aging is comprised of four mechanisms which lead to aging, disease, and eventually death.

Within each cell, at its center, is the nucleus. The nucleus houses the DNA of each cell. which carries important genetic information and defines the function of the cell. When all processes are working perfectly, the DNA is well protected and can be copied exactly when the cell divides, an essential function of cells. Are cell are attacked daily from the environment and our unhealthy lifestyles. This can damage or alter DNA structures. When DNA is under attack, the "database" included in the DNA is damaged, and the function and longevity of the cell is compromised. Left unrepaired, these damaged cells still continue to replicate, creating millions of copies of damaged cells.

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The second Mechanism of cellular aging comes from genetic regulators which contribute to age-related cellular deterioration. As the body ages, fewer cells are being repaired, and at the same time more cells are dying.

The third mechanism of cellular aging is a decline in cellular energy production. Over time, free radicals release by the mitochondria in the cells, deteriorate the mitochondria itself, which in turn reduces efficiency and releases even more free radicals. This effect is thought to be one of the major causes of cellular aging.

The fourth and final mechanism of cellular aging occurs with the accumulation of AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) proteins. These proteins are a byproduct of cell function, and accumulate in a manner similar to that of plaque build-up in the arteries. AS AGE proteins accrue, cell integrity and longevity is compromised.

The key ingredients in Vivix impact all four mechanisms of cellular aging:

-Effectively protect and repair cellular DNA
-Positively impact genetic regulators.
-Promote mitochondrail biogenesis, which helps to increase power and energy production within cells.
-Reduce the formation of AGE proteins. Vivix's polyphenols are ten times more powerful than resveratrol alone on slowing AGE formation.

Source by Wayne LaFrance

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