Uses Of Yoga In Controlling the Mind And Body

Yoga originated in India, thousands of years ago. Though it aims at spiritual, it is one among the best exercises that helps to improve the health condition of humans. Through the exercises, the body and soul are purified well. Hatha yoga is one among the basic forms of yoga, which means bodily yoga. Most of the exercises followed in yoga could be practiced by anyone. Hatha yoga is one among those exercises which could be practiced soon. For any type of exercises, the hatha yoga is considered as the basic. For any martial arts, dance or sports, hatha yoga is suggested to be practiced as a warm up. Stretching exercises are the main forms of hatha yoga.

Fingers are rarely given exercises than any other parts in the body. Finger yoga is treated as hatha yoga for the fingers. The exercises given to the fingers give relaxation from the routine works and keep it strong and active. Though anyone could practice yoga, it should be learnt from the trained person. Yoga is the controller of both body and the mind. Hatha yoga is one among the best controlling yoga. In hatha yoga, the exercises are done, based on the limbs. The limbs should be placed in the right position while doing the yoga. The positions could be corrected only by the trained teacher. Balancing, strengthening and locking and inverting poses are included in hatha yoga. There are many therapeutic uses in stretching the muscles. Stretching, gives impact on the muscles, bones and joints too. Age is also one among the important constraints in yoga. When a child learns yoga, he or she could mold the body well due to the tender muscles and bones. The body of the child is more flexible than that of the elderly people.

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Learning yoga at an early age is considered as the best. Static stretching helps a lot. Stretching freely and flexibly is essential. People, who have less experience in yoga, will use the bouncy poses, which is considered wrong. Warming up is needed before stretching. There is a minimum time needed to stretch the muscles. Stretching quickly and changing the pose will never bring a good impact to the exercise. Relaxing the body is very much essential. Kinaesthetic sense must be used while stretching a particular part. Similar to the body, the will must be exercised and developed. Without developing the will, nothing is made possible. There are varieties of poses in the fingers. Some of them are backward arches, splits, forward folds, knots, side way stretches, thumb and mudras. Yoga is an ancient spiritual form of exercise formulated by the experienced people and it does not produce any side effects to the body. It makes a person to become mentally and physically stable.

Source by Sivapriya Anand

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