Urban Platter Exotic Macadamia Nuts, 500g

Price: INR 2,100.00 - INR 1,900.00
(as of Jun 13,2019 15:18:56 UTC – Details)

These Nuts Can Be Consumed As They Are, Or With Tea / Coffee.;Can Be Roasted And Salted To Give Oneself A Delightful Treat.;They Have The Highest Amount Of Beneficial Mono Unsaturated Fats Of Any Known Nut. Thus They Are Considered Great For Patients With Hypercholesterolemia And Heart Disease.;You Can Dip Them In Chocolate Sauce And Freeze To Get Yummy Chocolate Flavored Macadamia Nuts.;Once Opened, Refrigerate And Use Macadamia Nuts Within Two Months.These nuts can be consumed as they are, or with tea / coffee.
Can be roasted and salted to give oneself a delightful treat.
They have the highest amount of beneficial mono unsaturated fats of any known nut. Thus they are considered great for patients with hypercholesterolemia and heart disease.
You can dip them in chocolate sauce and freeze to get yummy chocolate flavored macadamia nuts.
Once opened, refrigerate and use macadamia nuts within two months.

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