Type 2 Diabetes – What Does Eating in Moderation Mean to You?

In theory, "eat in moderation" sounds like great advice. But is it useful in practice? Let us not forget most information is tailored for a general audience. As such, it may be watered down when applied to your particular situation. Therefore, it pays to explore further the notion of "eating in moderation" so you can either make the most of this piece of advice or discard it should it prove a waste of time for you.

Type 2 diabetics or those trying to lose weight are most likely to resonate with this idea. Eating in moderation sounds confident and may seem like a fruitful endeavor. After all, extremes tend to be harmful, particularly in regards to eating habits and nutrition. Eat too much, and you gain weight, eat too little and struggle endlessly just to lose a few pounds. Even if there is a benefit to temporary caloric deprivation, it just makes burnout a more likely scenario.

The last thing you need as a Type 2 diabetic is to get off track just when you were making improvements with your blood sugar readings and weight loss. It takes time to shed unnecessary body fat for good and see high blood sugar levels lower and stabilize, so it is better to be patient and do things right the first time. But is moderation the key to success?

In short, the answer is yes and no. Eating in moderation is beneficial when you are choosing to eat the right foods. There is no point to moderation if you are using it as an excuse to eat anything despite your high blood sugar levels or excess body weight.

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For example, chips have an exorbitant amount of fat and have no place in an eating plan geared for weight loss. Similarly, sodas are a disaster for anyone with Type 2 diabetes considering they give a dangerous blood sugar spike while supplying the body with nothing useful. Regardless of moderation, consuming such products is harmful and serves no use beyond satisfying a transient craving that needs to be suppressed.

"Everything's fine in moderation" sounds like something we want to hear, but you will do well to steer away from it if your health is not in great standing. That said, this does not mean you have to cut your favorite foods from your diet completely. Rather, you should forget about moderation. Having your favorite dessert from time to time is okay – finding a way to consume it daily is not! It is necessary to have a balance but striving for moderation tends to be a justification that makes you slip up more often than not.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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