Type 2 Diabetes – Should You Allow Yourself Cheat Days?

Dieting is excellent for its diverse benefits to your body and health. But, it does not come without drawbacks. Notably this includes the act of voluntarily restricting yourself from certain foods. That's not to suggest you can't have some of your favorite meals while dieting. You certainly can. But it does mean you do often have to strictly average your portion sizes, which essentially means for the most part, you're not really allowed to enjoy your favorite foods at all.

There just isn't any room for a smoked-bacon cheeseburger in a diet geared for weight loss. Nor is there a place for chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream in a diet structured to help someone treat their blood sugar and control their Type 2 diabetes.

What about cheat days? A relatively new concept in the world of nutrition and dieting: the idea of ​​having the occasional cheat day needs little motivation to excite those who are currently dieting. After all, after completing a week of successful dieting and ensuring you were physically active, what's the harm in taking a day off? Surely there is room for some respite … we do all need an occasional break, right?

Well, the short answer is-yes, and no. We are allowed the occasional break but on certain conditions. A cheat day is not ideal, nor is it adequate for someone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes seriously looking to stabilize their blood sugar and weight.

It would be harsh to suggest a cheat day is enough to erase a week's worth of progress. But, to an extent you could consider this to be true. What often happens during a cheat day is a compensatory effort. You're likely to assume it's okay to eat certain amounts when it isn't. And more often than not, you're going to be eating foods that are heavily detrimental to your body – for an entire day. It's hard to keep your limits and willpower in check, especially when you have a "cheat day" as a scapegoat for your indiscretions.

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Don't have a cheat day. With that said, do allow yourself a cheat meal.

As previously mentioned, we are all allowed the occasional break. We all deserve some respite and an intermittent reward for our efforts. Once a week, allow yourself one guilt-free meal on a chosen day. Sundays work great as they are a day to end off the current week and provide a start to the next one.

For lunch, you are allowed to eat anything you want. But to make sure your progress remains unhindered, eat slowly and sensibly, and go for a 30-minute walk after your meal.

Afterwards you will feel replenished. Not only physically, but mentally as well.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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