Type 2 Diabetes – How Do Onions Work to Lower Blood Sugar Levels, Even Early Morning Levels?

One of the foods that helps in the control of your Type 2 diabetes, includes the humble onion. For at least four thousand years the humble onion has served not just as food but also as medicine in ancient Egypt, in India, and around the world.

Among the many applications of the onion is blood sugar control, making this inexpensive and tasty vegetable one of the most useful functional foods for Type 2 diabetics.

How Does The Humble Onion Aid Type 2 Diabetics? Onions whether cooked or raw, contain a substance… allyl propyl disulfide (APDS), that is actually capable of dramatically lowering your blood sugars levels. APDS apparently helps to prevent your liver’s deactivation of insulin, therefore insulin remains in your bloodstream longer and this helps to lower your blood sugar levels.

Restrains the Liver From Releasing Sugar in the AM: Onions work to help keep blood sugar levels in control in much the same way as the drug metformin. They contain sulfur-bearing compounds (the same compounds that can be stinky on the breath), that regulate the activities of two important enzymes in your liver. These sulfur compounds moderate the action of the enzymes glucose-6-phosphatase and hexokinase to restrain the liver from releasing as much sugar early in the morning and also in times of stress.

If you notice that your morning blood glucose levels are creeping upward, then extra onions in your diet might be very helpful for you. And if you are going through:

  • stress on the job
  • if you have a cold or the flu, or
  • you are having to fight off chills from nasty winter weather,
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onions can be a likewise helpful and healthful addition to your diet.

How to Tolerate Onions Daily: The really effective way to consume onions is as raw onion juice. Up to 50 ml (a little less than one-quarter cup) is the right dose for aiding diabetes control.

Most of us, however, live and work in situations where the people in our lives might disapprove of regular use of onion juice. If onion juice doesn’t appeal to you, it’s also helpful to take in up to 60 g (2 ounces or so), of onions with your food every day.

Brushing after your meal removes most of the smelly compounds from your breath, and if you eat onions no later than six hours before you go to bed, you won’t have to deal with onion breath all night and in the morning.

Eat onions often, eat any color of onions, cooked or raw to help lower your blood sugar levels.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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