Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise – Pros and Cons of Walking

If there is one exercise we are all familiar with – even those of us who are sedentary – it is walking. No form of exercise is easier or simpler. It is part of our everyday life: you do not need any equipment or practice.

When discussing physical activity and health, walking always deserves mention. Many are quick to dismiss this form of activity because it does not have the same calorie-burning benefits as other exercises such as cycling or running. But that is no reason to overlook it totally. Besides, the primary reason you should be exercising should not be directed at weight loss, it should be for your overall health. A healthy lifestyle will facilitate weight loss by consequence.

We would like to go over the pros and cons of walking, so you can determine if it is something you should make more time for in your life.

The Pros…

  • it is simple, easy to do, and it counts
  • you can concentrate on other things while you walk. For example, you can listen to a podcast or language course.
  • it is low-impact and joint friendly.
  • there are no issues with form as is potentially the case with running.
  • overtraining through walking is difficult.

The best part about walking is it is an easy exercise that counts. Walking a few times a week for a dedicated period is enough to keep you active. Keeping yourself mobile will provide you with essential health benefits and act as protection or relief from diseases like Type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. With Type 2 diabetes, walking will help lower your blood sugar levels, especially when walking for 14 to 20 minutes following a meal.

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An underestimated benefit of walking is it is easy on your joints. Running is a favorite exercise for many because it is excellent for elevating fitness, and burning calories. But it is not a desirable long-term strategy for many people. It is taxing on the joints, and incorrect form can cause many functional problems as well.

The Cons…

  • it is not the most efficient exercise for burning calories.
  • it does not provide the physiological adaptions offered by other types of exercise, like resistance training.
  • it can be boring.

As you can see the cons are few and to some extent trivial. So what if it is not the most efficient exercise for burning calories? You can get around this by managing your diet. It can be tedious too, but an MP3 player can help you fix that.

We think you will agree the benefits more than outweigh the cons. And also, walking is therapeutic. In this sense, walking can be the most relaxing and meditative form of exercise there is.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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