Tips To Be Safe When Fasting To Lose Weight

Fasting to lose weight is really a sure fired technique to lose weight if you keep up the willpower to fast, but it can be dangerous should you do too much of it or do it in the wrong fashion. Fasting to lose weight can cause organ injury, loss of muscle mass and heart failure. So if you’ve been thinking about fasting to shed pounds, a 3 day fast is the most you ought to ever do and you should use the following safeguards.

Safe Fasting Tips

  1. Never fast consuming water solely. This may really leach much-needed chemicals from your body and result complications from an irregular heart beats to a complete cardiac arrest. Fasting to lose weight this way is not wise.

  2. You ought to be supervised by a certified medical expert and not just using someone’s new age eBook like a know-all guide. Fasting to lose weight must be done correctly.

  3. Don’t chew chewing gum or any other substances on your fast. Chewing signals the stomach to begin producing acid for digestion so chewing while fasting to shed weight could result in heart burn.

  4. It took years to get ones body in the condition that it’s in therefore it isn’t about to become what you would like it to be overnight.

    Safe Fasting Methods

Of course, a 3 day fast isn’t the only way to fast. You could start on an intermittent fasting method in which you fast every second day and eat normally in between. Actually, this is probably a safer way to do it, but remember, don’t just go on a water only fast follow the guidelines already laid out. An excellent guide to this type of fasting is found in the fast diet guide, Eat Stop Eat which outlines a safe intermittent fasting program for fat loss.

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Fasting may take many forms and it doesn’t always signify you take in no food at all. For instance you could go on a partial fast in which you eat only vegetables, or fruit. This type of fasting to lose weight could be the safest method to fast and it will be very effective in reducing your weight.

Jon Benson, as part of his fast diet guide, The Every Other Day Diet, created a diet program that’s distinct and effective. This well known system is in its second edition and uses the SNAPP eating procedure to guide dieters through a weight loss system that enables them to experience a diet free meal on alternate days. This meal indulges them with their beloved foods which in turn keeps them motivated to stay with the process.

So if you are thinking about fasting to lose weight make sure you do it safely and effectively. Should you choose to do it safely you will have a much slimmer and healthier you.

Source by Christian Walker

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