The Herschel Walker Diet

Intermittent fasting increases your Human Growth Hormone levels naturally. This gives you a feeling of more energy and helps burn fat and build muscle more easily. That’s why working out in fasted state is so good for you especially if you are doing resistance training. So Herschel Walker is going anywhere from 20 to 24 hours between every meal he eats. And it’s the most important part of why he is still in such incredible shape.

Peer Reviewed Research Studies have shown that at 18 hours into a fast Human Growth Hormone increase and people’s metabolic rate actually increases at this time and stays increased up to 36 hours into a fast. Now I don’t recommend fasting for 36 hours because it isn’t very practical but it would work. There is no such thing a starvation mode in these short periods of time. Starvation mode is a scare tactic that the health industry uses to keep us fat and happy, worry about starvation mode when you are starving in a desert not when you miss a meal or two.

Honestly the reason Herschel Walker looks the way he does is more about how he eats than his workout. His workout is really simple consisting of only body weight exercises. He does a lot of push-ups and sit-ups. A lot actually doesn’t explain it. He does thousands of each every day. But he doesn’t lift weights and he only does push-ups and sit-ups throughout the day. The lesson to take away from that is focus on your diet and do some sort of resistance training to gain or keep your muscle mass depending on what your goals are.

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The Herschel Walker Diet is the genius to staying ripped. So once again he eats once a day. And he eats a little fresh poultry and some salad and soup. It fills him up without having very many calories in it. He only gets 40 to 80 grams of protein each day which is way less than the body builders and meat heads want you to eat. That’s because they want you buying their protein supplements. Just don’t worry about all the stuff. If you followed the Herschel Walker Diet and ate once a day while doing resistance training of some sort everyday you would be ripped. Drop every other health thing you’ve heard. Make it simple on yourself. Try just this for one month and see what happens: One meal per day 600 to 1,200 calories in that meal, any type of challenging resistance training that works the muscles you are trying to build.

If you don’t like the results you can do something else. It’s only thirty days. Seems to have worked for Herschel Walker all these years. Try it and see what happens.

Source by Mike McCormick

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