Spicy Carte Premium Cashew Nut, 1Kg

Price: INR 1,399.00 - INR 949.00
(as of Jun 15,2019 00:30:36 UTC – Details)

Dry fruits are healthy and tasty. You can add up taste to a number of food items especially sweet food items like halwa, kheer puddings, homemade ice creams etc., to make them nuttier and tastier as well as add health in them. Dry fruits are both healthy and tasty. These cashew nuts carry a sweet taste which blends in with the nutty taste it gives. You can eat it as it is or mix it in some food item and both ways, it will be healthy and taste good. In India Cashew was introduced by the Portuguese in Goa over five centuries ago. Now its grown in areas of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh besides Goa. Please note that Panruty Cashews from Tamilnadu (which does not have a good taste) are widely spread across online market with a cheap rate. Spicy Carte supplying only sorted original Kerala Cashew Nut at your door step. “Spicy Carte-Cashew Nut” is a product which is Straight From selected manufactures of Quilon(Kollam) District, Kerala To our valuable Customers. Keep in a cool and dry place for longer life and quality. Product comes in a stand-up pouch. Spicy Carte – Straight From Farmer To Customer.Blend in health and taste with these dry fruits and make yourself healthy
Ingredients: whole cashew nuts, straight from selected manufactures of quilon(Kollam) district
Shelf life: 1 year, ingredient type: vegetarian, storage instruction: keep in a cool and dry place for longer life
Quantity: 1 kg w 320

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