Sharrets MCT Oil Powder [Keto diet supplement,sports supplement, mct coconut, MCT oil Medium Chain Triglycerides ]COMBO: 2x 0.44 lbs lbs / 2x 200 gram,HALAL CERTIFIED Non GMO GLUTEN FREE,UNFLAVORED

Price: INR 1,200.00 - INR 1,125.00
(as of Jun 14,2019 11:37:35 UTC – Details)

MCT OIL POWDER (MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES) Whatever your dreams , whatever your aims , health and wellness should always remain at the forefront .So whether you’re preparing for a gruelling day at work or an exhausting fitness routine , it is all the more important that you practice a healthy habit of living , day in and day out . Even so a healthy habit of living shouldn’t stop you from being you . At the end of the day . It all comes to a matter of choice , in choosing to fuel each day the right way . That’s why , we at Sharrets , proudly present a unique , Vegetarian friendly , Non GMO Gluten free alternative to better living . We call it Sharrets MCT, a fast energy rich fuel to fill you with energy. Whether you wish to effortlessly reduce and switch heads on the beach, feel sturdy and energized for your athletic pursuits, or safeguard your health as you enter your time of life, MCT offer the clean nutrition you wish to fuel your life.

WHAT IS MCT ? MCT’s (Medium chain triglycerides) are unique , easily digestible , plant based super-fuels for your brain, muscle, metabolism and immune system. MCT is a fat source for those who are unable to digest or absorb conventional fats. It do not requires digestive enzymes or bile acids for digestion and absorption. MCTs are precursor to other ketone bodies and assists in getting into an effortless state of ketosis.

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM MCT ? You must incorporate MCT’s in your diet If – want to feel strong , energized , and your wellness goals are – Weight loss, Athletic performance , Graceful aging , brain health , Muscle maintenance & immune system support. Healthier energy source for those who are trying to cut carbs or for those adhering to ketogenic diet . Additionally, MCTs are helpful for individuals with malabsorption issues and difficulties utilizing LCTs. MCT provides the clean nutrition you need to fuel your life.

MCT Powder provides the benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides [Caprylic (C8) & Capric Acid (C10)] in a convenient, powdered option: – Non GMO , Gluten Free , Coconut sourced . No Palm , No Added sweetener , No color , No Flavor . Delicious and convenient ways to get 70 kcal Energy , 7 g of fat (MCTs) , 0.75 g of protein, and 2 g of carbs per serving (10g) for those committed to a ketogenic lifestyle.
Fast digesting rapid source of natural energy . Promotes Weight loss and preserve lean body. Great for athletes . Support heart health , brain health & healthy immune system . Excellent energy source for those requiring energy-dense diet and individuals with fat malabsorption conditions .
CREAMY COFFEE & SHAKES, NO CLUMPING – Our MCT Oil Powder blends beautifully into coffee, smoothies and snacks with just a few stirs, giving you a rich, smooth texture of cream, with no oily film or grittiness.
SUGGESTED USE : Mix 1 Serving (10 gram) of MCT powder to your favorite beverages as needed for added energy and calories. Can be taken 3-4 times a day and may be added to protein powders and meal replacements for added calories and energy.
HOW & WHEN TO USE MCT ? MCT’s can be fasted in the morning for mental performance . Between meals for extra fat burning . Mix in your favorite drink like tea or coffee for sustained natural energy . Before workout or exercise for better energy production. After eating carbs to get back into ketosis. Mix in shakes & smoothies and used as a substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings, to enhance nutrient absorption & get healthy amounts of fat.

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