Pomegranate Recipes

The pomegranate has a rich and interesting history. It originates in Persia and eventually ends up in America brought by the Spanish Conquistadors. The pomegranate has many seeds that are surround by a juice sac. So be prepared to work with these seeds when extracting the juice of the pomegranate for recipes.

It will be this juice that will become the base ingredient for a variety of flavoring for sauces and different dishes. The whole seeds can also be ate as a fresh fruit or used as a garnish. The French invented the original Grenadine which is a red syrup made from the pomegranate. Grenadine is the flavoring and the color that is used for the drinks such as the Shirley Temple, since it is non – alcoholic. When using the fresh pomegranate it will be worth the effort to work with the seeds. Studies have indicated that pomegranate juice may be helpful in fighting free- radicals. It is also a good source of vitamin c.

To start working with a fresh pomegranate first slice the top of the fruit off and divide the fruit into sections. Then pull out the juice sacs or the Airls and put them in water. Throw away everything else. Now the fruit is ready to be used as a garnish is salads or eaten whole. To make pomegranate juice simply put the Airls in a blender or food processor and run until they are liquid. Once you have the juice then you can make many dishes with it.

A simple salad dressing for example would be to take a cup of pomegranate seeds and run them in the blender. To this add a half a cup of organic honey, a half a cup of apple cider or other flavored vinegar and blend slowly with a cup of olive oil and mix well for a delightful salad dressing.

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Source by Joe Richard Lewis

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