OneDraw A1C Needle-Free Test System FDA Cleared

Drawbridge Health, out of Menlo Park, California, won FDA clearance for its OneDraw A1C Test System, which consists of the OneDraw Blood Collection Device and the OneDraw A1C Test.

Designed for use by clinicians, the disposable product is used to draw, collect, and stabilize blood to measure hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels to help manage glucose in patients with diabetes.

Blood is drawn from the capillaries in the upper arm, which avoids the need to use hypodermic needles to access the vein, a huge advantage for patients. The blood is actually sucked into the device using tiny lancets and a vacuum mechanism. Ending up in a cartridge, the blood sample can then be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

“Patients hate being stuck with needles and many will avoid important testing at all costs. Based on my experience, I believe my patients will be much more comfortable and relaxed – minimal pain and they can’t see the blood,” said Kristin Castorino, D.O., Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, in a Drawbridge announcement.

Product page: OneDraw

Via: Drawbridge Health

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