Natures Velvet Lifecare Unflavoured Protein Powder Keto Diet Supplement (400 g)

Price: INR 1,200.00 - INR 699.00
(as of Jun 13,2019 21:27:30 UTC – Details)

Nature’s Velvet Keto protein is Instantized Protein. So dissolves easily in Water/Milk or Juice. The natural components of Whey help to enhance the body’s production of Glutathione, a natural antioxidant, which may provide dietary support to the immune system, Unflavored. Hence can we mixed in Atta or Curry or Dal/Sambar or any Meal, Maintains big lean muscle mass – Helps in muscle gain and not fat gain, Benefits those who have Malnutrition, especially useful in people who have lost teeth and have difficulty chewing food Added advantage of BCAA for preserving Muscle Glycogen Provides Complete and Balanced Nutrition More Protein per Serving. Very Low Carb and Zero Sugar, For Sports person, who have increased need of daily Protein requirement.Muscle Strength
very low carbs
weight loss
improve the production of glutathione

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