Natural Help for Epilepsy

I recommend the movie First Do No Harm for anyone with epilepsy or knowing anyone with the epilepsy (human or animals) because adding specific fats to the diet can control and / or greatly reduce the incidence of seizures.

Based on a true story, Meryl Streep plays the small town Midwest mother of a child who has severe epilepsy in the movie First Do No Harm (© 1997.) After experiencing many, many tests, drugs, and other medical techniques, she and her son are left without options and without hope. Instead of opting for the surgery where they sever the brain hemispheres, the mother presses on to study everything she can find about the illness, and, against the wishes of their local doctor, decides to take her child to the Johns Hopkins Hospital where controversial ketogenic diet studies are being done.

I guess what made me angry about the whole situation was the fact that, because she wanted to remove her child from the hospital, the "powers that be" were trying to declare her an unfit mother and get custody of her child removed from her. Exasperating! After getting to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, her child went on the ketogenic diet and his epilepsy resolved.

The best part of the movie is the ending where they run the credits, and most of the characters in the movie were played by epileptics who had been "cured" with the ketogenic diet.

After watching this movie my first time back in 1997, I advised a pet-owner to add a slice of bacon to her epileptic dog's diet each morning. Apparently it did the trick because two years later she saw me at a seminar and came up to thank me for the advice. She had done that for both her dog – and herself! She had never told me that she also had epilepsy. She shared with me that just this one simple trick controlled both her and her dogs epilepsy!

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I often tell my clients that often, when people don't listen to other people's advice for certain health issues any longer, God brings them a pet with the same dis-ease. This way they can look at things from a different perspective. When they see their animal friend heal, often they regain hope for their own health challenge. That is what happened for her.

I've been determining which fats work best using muscle testing for epilepsy cases for years. The addition of fat usually DOES work for most seizure cases. Sadly, for some cases it doesn't work, but it wouldn't hurt you to try. Three other helpful things to add to the program are Carob powder (to bind heavy metals which can often be responsible for seizure activity) and Burdock Root (to cleanse the liver.) Doses vary from individual to individual. Min Chex by Standard Process labs helps control the electrical activity in the brain and works quite well. I once had a dog come in with a crushed head due to a logging accident (the tree fell on top of him and crushed one half of his head in!) And the high-fat diet and Min Chex prevented seizures for many years.

Of course there are other wonderful herbs and supplements that are used in overcoming epilepsy, and for most cases of epilepsy, it is fairly easy to get to the core cause, treat it and then control the electrical imbalances of the brain, but the bacon trick in dogs usually works wonders. Humans usually need different types of fats – not always bacon. It's something to think about.

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Source by Denice Moffat

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