Lose Weight Through Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fast weight loss is a method that has gained popularity over recent years. It is an eating pattern where you alternate between eating and fasting periods. You get to plan out your fasting and non-fast periods, where you only take water. You do not have to do intermittent fast to lose weight every other day, but it’s recommended at least twice a week, for those looking to lose weight.

With an intermittent fast diet, you are allowed to eat anything you want in the periods when you are not fasting. Needless to say, if you are looking to lose weight, you will stick to healthy foods and avoid those that will defeat the purpose of the whole process. It is advised that you take carbohydrates during this period, as they assist in fat metabolism. When you are fasting, drinking water is highly encouraged, as staying hydrated helps you lose weight faster. After all, you can go for days without food, but not without water.

Fasting has helped many people lose weight over the years, and keep it off. There are many reasons why it’s one of the easier ways to get in shape. When you cut down your calories by going on planned periods of fasting, your body is compelled to source energy from its own reserves, which are usually fat. Since weight loss means eating less than you burn, fast helps you concentrate on your exercise more than on your diet.

You get relative freedom with what you eat with intermittent fasting. This is unlike the many fad diets where you are restricted to certain types of foods. Although freedom is offered, you should only take what’s good for you, as it has previously been mentioned. Include plenty of fiber in your diet, as it makes sure your system is fully functional. For intermittent fast to lose weight to work, you have to create and adhere to some kind of schedule. It is hard to follow a preset intermittent fast diet plan since it might not fit into your kind of lifestyle. Instead, set your fast and non-fasting days. Most people find it hard to carry it over into the weekend, so targeting weekdays instead is recommended.

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If your aim is to get into shape, intermittent fasting will not work in isolation. It will work on getting rid of the extra weight, but it will not work to help your body shape up. That’s why it is encouraged you work out, and not on the days that you are fasting.

Source by Maria Haloran

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