How to Diagnose Diabetes?

The foremost thing which a doctor does after suspecting somebody for diabetes is certain testing. Any such test which is conducted to diagnose diabetes is known as a Glucose test. But this is only a beginning of the diagnostic process of diabetes. For the proper and detailed diagnosis whether a person is diabetic or not following are the requirements

–Symptoms of Diabetes

–Physical examination

–Family history

–Glucose test

The doctors always keep into account that a person who is not suffering from diabetes may have elevated sugar level due to some illness. Furthermore some medications also disturb sugar levels of a non diabetic person.

Following are the important blood glucose tests to determine diabetes.

Fasting Blood Glucose Test

The most important diagnostic test is the fasting blood sugar level test. The person has to go through 10-12 hours of fasting. A diabetic person would have a value greater than 127 mg / dl. To be more sure this diagnostic test may be repeated twice. The person who does not suffer from diabetes should have a sugar level of about 90mg / dl.

Glucose Tolerance Test

The second test which doctors used to diagnose diabetes is glucose tolerance test. The person who has to go through this diagnostic testing should not eat or drink anything for 10-12 hours except for the water. First of all a blood sample is taken after the fasting of 112hours. Then the tested person is given a water with a mass amount of sugar (either 75 grams or 100 grams of glucose in it. The blood sample is drawn at regular intervals of thirty minutes.If the result after 2 hours is less than 110mg / dl the person is normal, if its between 110 mg / dl and 126 mg / dl the person is said to have impaired fasting glucose.If the values ​​are above 140mg / dl and less than 200mg / dl the person is having impaired glucose tolerance. any of the value is greater than 200mg / dl the person is confirmed to be diabetic.

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The diabetes test with oral glucose tolerance is done by measuring the glucose level in ones blood almost five times in three hours. In a person who is diabetic, after drinking the glucose solution the blood glucose level rise, but then come down very quickly. On the other hand, in a person that does not have diabetes the glucose level will come down gradually.

Utmost care should be taken when giving this high concentrated glucose solution, because if given to a person already suffering from high glucose values ​​may lead to a condition Hyperglycemia which my prove fatal in some cases.

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