Fasting For Weight Loss – Not For the Feint of Heart

Fasting for weight loss is one of the hottest “new” trends for losing weight, but is it really that great and why would you even consider this absurd dieting method? First of all, like most “hot” diets there’s usually a lot of hot air around it and with celebrities and talk show hosts promoting it you can’t help but think its Acai all over again.

When you look a little closer at fasting for weight loss you will see that it really is different. Its not another diet and it has no real food restrictions or rigorous workout routines. The thing is that fasting is deeply rooted in many spiritual traditions and the process of cleansing to body to cleanse the mind and spirit is something that ancient spiritual practices cling to for centuries.

This also happens to be where fasting is so great for losing weight. It’s a very powerful way to naturally cleanse your body and in the process shed pounds of fat. No colon cleansers or gimmick pills. Just a natural process of controlled fasting.

By focusing on when you eat, instead of what you eat, fasting for weight loss puts a very different spin on dieting. Often the pain of resisting the foods you used to love is where traditional diet programs fail for most dieters. Fasting allows you to still eat everything you want, but off course y can’s do it every day. Intermittent fasting allows you body a chance to catch up and get rid of all the gunk that usually builds up to make you look and feel fat.

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Be warned though. Fasting for weight loss is not for the feint of heart. Unless you are also deeply focused on the spiritual benefits of fasting it can be extremely tough. For many the mere thought of going though a day without food is unbearable. Yet, for the more adept fasters its not only easy but something they look forward to. The additional benefits of increased energy and greater focus is what makes regular fasters stick to it.

Eating, for the most part, is habitual and most of us don’t eat out of hunger but rather out of a feeling that our stomach are empty. We are eating way too much and that’s one of the reasons why we are so overweight. Getting over these “withdrawal” symptoms can be tough when you first start fasting, but as you get used to it and see all the weight drop off you will be hooked for life.

Source by Deon Du Plessis

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