Eat Stop Eat Diet – Your Key to Weight Loss

Obesity and the threat it can pose to your life has lead to a lot of people take weight loss seriously. This has lead to introduction of new diet plans and weight loss programs every other day. But not all, or better to say most don’t actually work. The Eat Stop Eat Diet is one amongst the few of those diet plans that are capable of helping you loose weight.

The very scientific approach of this fat loss program makes it such a huge success. We all know that weight gain or loss is all about the amount of calorie we consume and burn. This fat loss diet focuses on the calorie consumption. It asks you to follow an intermittent fasting so that a basic calorie deficit is created. It doesn’t ask you to do a prolonged fasting. Just a day of fasting once a week. On other days you are free to follow a normal balanced healthy diet.

When you are not fasting you must follow a regular exercise routine so that you can see an effective weight loss. Prolonged fasting has a number of side effects. Though it might lead to weight loss, the weight loss is generally loss of muscle mass and not fat. And since fasting forever is not possible this is a temporary solution. But with Eat Stop Eat Diet you achieve a successful fat loss and the results are permanent of course.

The Eat Stop Eat Diet is a realistic plan. It doesn’t undermine the importance of regular exercise. It tells that exercise is as important as a proper diet. The results you see with this diet are fast and you don’t feel deprived and dejected as is the case with most of the diet plans. This diet plan lets you smile your way to weight loss.

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Source by Joel Riley

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