Dexcom G6 Pro with Blinded Mode FDA Cleared

Dexcom landed FDA clearance for its Dexcom G6 Pro continuous glucometry system. Intended to be used by medical professionals with their patients, it offers a novel “blinded” mode that allows physicians to hide live glucose readings from patients. Using this capability, doctors can review glucometry data and propose lifestyle changes to patients following an up-to 10 day test period. In the meantime, patients don’t have to worry about what their glucometer is reading and so won’t be making potentially dangerous decisions on their own. The blinded mode is optional and physicians can choose how they want to handle each patient depending on their unique needs and lifestyles.

The device can be used with patients as young as two years old. It features many of the capabilities of the Dexcom G6, including alarms, easy application, and an auto start transmitter. The company is planning to make it available in the early part of 2020.

“Dexcom G6 Pro will enable healthcare providers to set up their patients with CGM in minutes,” said Davida Kruger, MSN, APN-BC, BC-ADM, diabetes specialist, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Bone and Mineral Disorders at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, in a press release. “This new professional system will serve as a simple way to obtain data from CGM naïve patients who need glucose insight, but don’t need or want to be monitored around the clock. It will give all my patients a chance to try the Dexcom G6 Pro under a healthcare provider’s supervision before they commit to a personal system.”

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Product page: Dexcom G6 Pro

Via: Dexcom

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