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Dr Anupam Ghose

My Name is Dr. Anupam Ghose. I Am Your Personal Diabetes Coach.

Dr. Anupam Ghose holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from Magadh University, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM), and Health Coach certification. He has over 14 years of diverse experience in Publishing, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Clinical Research Organization. He has excellent experience in medico-marketing and KOL management. He also worked as a Resident at several reputed hospitals including All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He was associated with editing and publishing of 5 books on diabetes: Diabetes – Complete Guide for Day-to-Day Practice (2011), Diabetes and Pregnancy (2011), Diabetic Neuropathy (2013), Oral Antidiabetics – Current Trends and Special Situations (2013), and Insulin – Basics to Clinics (2013). He is an active member of the American Diabetes Association and American Association of Diabetes Educators. His interest in nutrition and exercise play a major part in his lifestyle. A devoted husband and father of one son, Anupam enjoys playing golf, table tennis, swimming, cycling, and reading. He is fond of cooking and experimenting with different kind of dishes. Anupam is also an avid traveler and love driving to adventurous places.

Expertise In The Management Of Prediabetes And Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

I find it so gratifying to help my clients transform their health in a relatively short amount of time through simple lifestyle changes. As their anxiety disappear and gain confidence that they can reverse diabetes, it gives me immense pleasure.

Clients often come to me in anguish because their doctors have told them they will be on diabetes medications and statins lifelong. They really appreciate that I can help them reverse diabetes naturally and effectively.

I recommend a low carbohydrate diet with an increased amount of healthy fats that slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This unprocessed diet helps clients to detox from the refined carbohydrate loaded with sugars and starches that contribute to sugar cravings and weight gain.

I have done a lot of research and implemented on myself and know that my programs work in reducing weight and reverse type 2 diabetes. My programs offer customized solutions to fit your lifestyle. I’ve helped numerous clients transform their health through a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management.

When I see clients commit to my program, lose weight significantly, and their laboratory tests come back normal, I know my system works.

When they feel great, they radiate a positive energy that is contagious!

Why Did I Decide To Become A Diabetes Coach?

I did my MBBS from Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College, Gaya, India. After my graduation, I moved to New Delhi wherein I worked as a Resident at several reputed hospitals including AIIMS. Somehow, I was not enjoying what I was doing and so decided to do something different.

After an extensive search for an alternative job, finally, I found a job as a Medical Writer. Thereafter, I have worked in multidisciplinary fields from publishing to pharmaceuticals.

I was always a fitness freak and had exercised regularly since I was 13 years of age. However, after marriage, I had skipped my exercise, was eating unhealthy food, was working on a sedentary 9-6 job, etc. Thus, I gained a lot of weight, almost 20 kilos in a span of 5 years.

In May 2017, I went for a routine blood test and I was staggered to find my blood sugar, LDL, triglycerides, SGOT, SGPT levels above normal limit. My colleagues insisted to consult a diabetologist.  Reluctantly I called a senior diabetologist who after reviewing my laboratory reports prescribed oral antidiabetic drugs along with a statin.

After a couple of weeks of staring at my medication, I developed a severe headache. Initially, I thought it was a simple headache. However, when I had a headache for 3 consecutive days, I realized it must be the side effects of the medications. I immediately decided to stop my medications. Despite stopping my medicines, I was having a severe headache for another couple of days which could have been the after-effects of the medicines.

I was overweight as my diet was high in processed starchy carbohydrates and refined sugar. I had no clue how I am going to reduce my blood sugar. Being a medical doctor, I knew what the causes of diabetes were. I knew I had to reduce weight, be more active and eat healthily. This was the turning point in my life. I decided to exercise again and started on a low carbohydrate diet. At the same time, I was looking for some different kind of diet which can reverse my elevated blood sugar and bring everything back to normal.

Finally, after a lot of research, I decided to start with a ketogenic diet. Within three months of following the ketogenic diet, I lost almost 8 kilos and my HbA1c and other parameters dropped down significantly.

I am sure many of you reading my story can relate to your own life. Thus, I decided to help all those people who are struggling with obesity and type 2 diabetes. I learned how nutrients in the form of food influences and heal the body’s system. I have since helped numerous clients lower and stabilize their blood sugar, gain energy, and lose weight through a healthy diet, exercise and stress management.

I started this website to share my experience with you and to let you know that through simple diet and lifestyle changes you can easily reduce your weight and reverse type 2 diabetes.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

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