Cardiovascular Risk Reduction at a Glance

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) is globally defined as coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, or peripheral arterial disease presumed to be of atherosclerotic origin and it is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality for individuals with or without diabetes and is the largest contributor to the direct and indirect catastrophic costs of cardiovascular disorder. Very common conditions coexisting into the cardiovascular risk (e.g., obesity, hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia) are clear risk factors for ASCVD, and diabetes itself confers independent risk. Numerous studies have shown the efficacy of controlling individual cardiovascular risk factors in preventing or slowing ASCVD in people with these disorders.

Krill Oil versus Fish Oil

Fish oil and krill oil both contain two types of omega-3s: DHA and EPA. Although fish oil has a higher concentration of DHA and EPA than krill oil, the DHA and EPA in krill oil is thought to have more antioxidants and be more absorbable by the body.

How Stress Can Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels

The stress-induced pattern of rising insulin levels and decreasing blood sugar can prompt you to feel hunger pains and crave high-carb comfort foods, leading to weight gain.

How Food Can Improve or Worsen Your Thyroid Function

The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland straddling your windpipe, right under your larynx, is the “mainframe” that regulates your metabolism, controls virtually every function of your body and interacts with all the other hormones, from your insulin to your sex hormones.

This Fat Is Actually Worse Than Trans Fats

The problem is that we now eat far too much omega-6, which creates a severe imbalance in the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Today, omega-6 PUFAs make up around 8 to 10 percent of the total energy intake in the Western world. This is largely related to the large amounts of processed foods consumed that are loaded with these dangerous fats.

Want to Lose Weight? Try Vegetable Juice

The benefits of vegetable juice are largely available from RAW vegetable juice, as opposed to the processed varieties you find at the grocery store.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, increased urination, weight loss, and fatigue. It is important to recognize these symptoms because if left untreated, diabetes can cause coma and even death.

Diabetes Remission Possible with Diet and Exercise

The cure for type 2 diabetes has nothing to do with giving insulin or taking drugs to control your blood sugar. In fact, giving insulin to someone with type 2 diabetes is one of the worst things that can be done.